Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Michael Grimm sings "You Don't Know Me" on America's Got Talent

Michael Grimm sings "You Don't Know Me" originally by Jann Arden for his America's Got Talent audition.


  1. Can I get to know you ;-). Awesome talent!!

  2. I'm going to be really ticked off if you don't win AGT. I can only vote for you 10 times per appearance and I do it every time. You have an amazing voice, your great to look at, you seem very humble, and you want to take care of your grandmother better than you're able to now. In my book, you're already a winner!!

  3. Michael Grimm, Otis Redding is nothing compared to you, you are awesome, saw you in person in Waveland , Ms at the Silver Slipper and I did not want your music to end. You have a very unique sound to that voice, soulful and you sing with your heart The crowd loved you, I brought all my family to see you, they fell in love with your music. I hope that you GO all the way to the top with or without AMGT. I see this in your future anyway.. Good Luck Michael you so deserve it.